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Discover why PET is the best option for supporting the circular economy

Did you know that Husky’s Multi-Layer Technology can help enable more sustainable packaging options for your dairy applications? More recycled content, recyclable content, alternative materials, lower carbon footprint – our Multi-Layer Technology can ensure your dairy package provides the ultimate in shelf appeal and package protection while offering your consumers more sustainable options.

The industry is getting organized to establish dedicated streams for opaque PET

Husky’s solution for dairy can offer a unique alternative
to recycle up to 40% back into new bottles

Multi-Layer PET offers the opportunity to recycle up to 40% back into new bottles

Recycled cartons are downgraded to other paper products,
with new trees required for production.
HDPE plastics are recycled for other uses,
including apparel.

Only PET supports the bottle-to-bottle circular economy

Husky can provide a variety of recycled content and flake processing solutions:

husky system
Machine options
for 1-100% flake

Optimized auxiliaries
Partnerships with upstream processing suppliers for flake or pelletized PET

Multi-Layer systems with PCR integration into the middle layer and opaque rPET for dairy applications

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