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Achieve your
sustainability goals

Switch to a more carbon-friendly
26/22 dispensing system from Husky

Save up to 30% on resin use

Our 26/22 family of lightweight dispensing systems use less resin to help you achieve your sustainability goals and lower your carbon footprint – without compromising the consumer experience. Every gram of resin you save reduces your carbon emissions by approximately 3.2 grams.



  • The latest lightweight design for CSD
  • Save up to 30% on resin (preform + closure)
  • GME 30.37 for high carbonation applications
  • GME 30.38 for low carbonation applications
  • Same great consumer experience
  • Safe, secure, ultra-hygienic
  • Ready for tethered closures

A quick and easy way to meet your sustainability goals

With Husky, you can convert to a 26/22 lightweight dispensing system in as little as 6 weeks. No other supplier comes close to our conversion speeds and application expertise for both CSD and water applications. And with Husky’s intimate OEM-knowledge of mold tooling and thread standards, you can be sure it will be done right.


Reduce your resin use by up to 30% on every preform and closure†


Reduce your carbon output by 6g on every preform and closure produced†

The switch is on.

This will be a big year for 26/22 as brands respond to consumer demand and find new ways to make their operations more sustainable.

Get in touch to discover how you can make a meaningful impact on your 2020 sustainability goals.

†Savings based on switching from an 1881 dispensing system to a 26/22 neck finish and standard closure.

Disclaimer: Except as set forth in Husky’s written warranty, Husky makes no additional warranties, whether express, implied or statutory. Certain conditions may apply. Notably, Husky does not represent or warrant non-infringement of and disclaims any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with any allegation of infringement (whether direct or indirect) of intellectual property rights of third parties relating to equipment or services provided by Husky for preform, bottle and/or closure design(s) approved by the Customer, if the asserted intellectual property rights relate to the part design(s). For more details please request a copy of Husky’s written warranty and Standard Terms and Conditions.

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